Christy RePinec

Since December is the month of whimsy & merriment, there was no doubt about the choice for the Artist of the Month. Christy RePinec has entertained us with her witty words, and mesmerized us with her art. Christy does what is required, and then takes it one step further– with consistently wonderful results. For her boundless enthusiasm, talent and passion, we are pleased to name Christy the Citra Solv December Artist of the Month.

new artist

When the Citra Solv gang asked me to be “Ms. December” a.k.a. Artist of the Month, my first thought was—if there’s a bikini involved—NO! Reassured that I only had to reveal my artwork and nothing else, I then felt quite honored and, of course, I agreed. Yet all great honors come with a price, this one came with the task to write a “short bio” or an artist statement. What? C’mon now, really? Can’t we just show my art? And what if I’m the kind of artist who hides behind her art? Who only shows her hidden dreams, offbeat ideas and silly themes all jumbled and juxtaposed together on a blank canvas? Whose artistic statement is really her art that exposes and explains her own whimsical and wacky version of this universe? Ha! Fooled ya, that’s not me. Words are my second passion. Yep, you guessed it—art is #1.

My love affair with art began when I was a young girl. For Christmas one year, I got the really big box of 64 crayons, the one with the extra cool sharpener. I could not believe how lucky I was and I immediately began coloring giraffes blue, making monkeys green and adding polka dots to zebras. I would spend hours coloring, lost in the creative zone. Fast forward to my adolescence and teens, I only “flirted with art” as there were way too many boys to flirt with instead. But in college I returned to my true love of painting by trying to emulate Van Gogh—creating canvases with thick bold strokes and distorted views of nature. Fun, but no masterpieces. Then, again, reality like studying and cute upperclassmen interfered with my art, only to be followed by another long separation when I had to earn a living. My new creative passion was communications; I was a “wordsmith for hire.”

Words became my “crayons and oil paints.” My copywriting skills keep me from starving and even provided the occasional box of really good chocolate. The expensive dark chocolates that made you understand nirvana. You know the ones. (Small aside here: I also firmly believe that chocolate inspires great art. And sometimes a really good buzz.) But words by themselves can’t visually express—in an instant—what an intriguing painting, sculpture or mixed media piece of art can. Art instantly connects with your soul.

An abrupt career change and a government grant found me once again studying, only this time it was digital design. Again, I instantly began “coloring” in unexpected ways. At the same time, I discovered Citra Art (CA). Love, love, love how the ink melts and blends often creating the oddest yet funky-cool effects and patterns. My fascination with using something so simple as an orange-based cleaner and a National Geographic magazine keeps me occupied for hours on end. Merging this with design software is almost as good as those chocolates. My crazy and often creepy art is a blend of: CA + PhotoShop + Imagination + Words. So today, I am once again that young artistic girl at heart—only this time with a much more sophisticated box of crayons—and with an unlimited number of colors. I try to “artfully play” every day and I swear I’m getting younger because I do! It’s better than Oil of Olay. JK.

Oops, I just described my artistic journey, didn’t I? Okay, here’s my “official” artist statement: Play with all the colors of your life. Use every tool available, even chocolate, to create your “art nirvana.” Become immersed in the love of creating. If you haven’t already, start your love affair with art today!

Interested in a personalized portrait? Contact Christy at christylemon@att.net



Terri Allen

Remember the old days of Polaroid photos when you'd gently shake them to seemingly speed up the development process? Well, Terri Allen has certainly shaken up the photo process by becoming a phenomenal Polaroid Transfer Artist. Terri blends photography with painting and watercolor to create unique emotional pieces filled with mood and perspective. This award-winning artist now incorporates Citra Solv altered pages into her magical work, and for her talent and creativity, we are proud to name her the Citra Solv November Artist of the Month.

new artist

Terri Allen is a Nebraska artist that uses Polaroid film; slide film, and water media to make rare and unique paintings. The basic process is called Polaroid transfer but she takes it one step further by enhancing and adding to the image once it is transferred to watercolor paper. The individual handwork and use of discontinued film make this medium distinctive. Allen finds inspiration for her art in the life around her – from a rural scene in the sand hills of Nebraska to a treasured family heirloom.

Allen has more than 15 years experience in Polaroid transfer. With a background in art the artistic look of the Polaroid transfer captured her interest after many years studying photography with a local instructor. It provides a way to blend her love of photography with that of other media – a means of sharing both her observation and expression.

Allen is currently an associate artist at the Burkholder Project in Lincoln, a member of the International Society of Experimental Artists, and President of the Lincoln Artists' Guild. She has been featured in "L Magazine", "Nebraska Women Artists" book by J. Waring, The Country Register (cover), and 2012 Nebraska Poets Calendar. Her work can also be found in many private collections in Nebraska, across the country, and abroad.

Since 2008, her award winning art works have been selected to many juried shows or exhibits including The Carnegie Arts Center, The Association of Nebraska Arts Clubs, and the International Society of Experimental Artist. Allen continues to learn and experiment with different forms of art, incorporating what she can into her new pieces.

International artists such as Skip Lawrence, Lian Zhen, and MaryAnn Beckwith are a few of her recent instructors.
Allen was born in Beatrice, NE and raised in Lincoln where she now lives with her husband enjoying golf, travel and art. She has one daughter who spent 2 years teaching in China after college and has returned to teach in Hong Kong this fall.



Kayann Ausherman

For those who follow Citra Art contests, the name Kayann Ausherman is a familiar one. The productive artist lives a busy and artistic life in rural Kansas. Like her farmhouse home, Kayann's life and art are constantly changing. As the mother of 8 children, Kayann has found the time to create, show and sell her mixed media art, including Citra Solv projects. She enjoys using recycled and upcycled materials, has an eye for layering and color, and was most recently featured in the current edition of Somerset Studio magazine. For her endless efforts and tireless talent, we are proud to name Kayann the Citra Solv October Artist of the Month.

new artist

I am a late arriver to the art field after being a stay at home mom for eight children, though creativity has always found its way into whatever I do. A lot of my artwork takes form from the use of repurposed and "upcycled" materials (like old National Geographics!). I do a rather eclectic mix of projects including making purses, journals, mixed media artwork, painting, and whatever else catches my fancy. I live in a 100 year old farm house on a dirt road in rural Kansas after which I have named my business – from Victory Road. I have an etsy shop: www.fromvictoryroad.etsy.com
and you can keep track of my creative adventures on my facebook page: www.facebook.com/fromvictoryroad
My business email is victoryrd@hotmail.com I am currently trying to summon the courage to tackle starting a blog!



Carol Frye

Artist Carol Frye likes to refer to herself as a "layerist": as her life, work and experience grow and become natural parts of her, so do her paintings. In addition to teaching, Carol enjoys experimenting with new media and subject matters. She has been recognized for her artistry with several awards. For her spirituality, talent and continual artistic quest, we are proud to name Carol the Citra Solv August Artist of the Month.

new artist

Having painted landscapes and still life for many years in a variety of mediums, my work has evolved from
realism to abstraction, miniatures to murals. Born in Pennsylvania, majored in art education and moved on.
Marriage, motherhood, years of travel with my now retired military husband, and several personal challenges
gave strength to the foundation of both life and art.

Strong paintings with vibrant strokes of color, bold calligraphy and brilliant foils invite you to share my passion
for the painting process. As a multimedia artist, most current works are both experimental and intuitive. For me,
painting is really a spiritual process and each painting seems to flow and grow, layer upon layer quite naturally.
Now a "Layerist" by nature, my work continues to build as experience with various media and subject matter
evolves. Recent works step toward the subdued, becoming deeper on many levels.

Since moving to Florida in 1994 I has became active in the art community, giving demonstrations, teaching
workshops and offering private classes in many media. A consistent award winner, my paintings have been
included in Local, State, Regional, National and International Competitions. My work has been published in
several national art magazines. I enjoy many professional memberships and have served on the boards a number
of art organizations. My paintings can usually be seen locally, and in major art competitions throughout central
Florida. I do a limited number of Outdoor Shows each year and have been represented by several galleries

Artist Statement
"I have come to appreciate each phase of my art as a continuing evolutionary process. A true spiritual
connection seems to occur during the painting process giving a special excitement and energy to the production
of art that I hope is communicated the viewer. Over the years my work has grown bolder, freer, richer
!...and so have I."



Kyle Perler

As a professional photographer, Kyle Perler spends much of his time traveling, focusing on his subjects, and presenting unique photos that capture ethereal landscapes and beautiful, haunting lifetime moments. In his artistic creations, Kyle mixes scenery and subject while exploring light and dark, crafting a stunning window into the world of the surreal. For his ingenuity and creative approach to documenting the natural world, we are proud to call Kyle our Citra Solv July Artist of the Month.

new artist

I ruined my first shoot when I was 8 by opening an already shot canister of Infared film (I know better now). I grew up in my mothers photo studio where I began teaching classes with her when I was 11. She would teach me the lesson the week before and have me photograph the project and use my examples and images to help the class. With a solid grasp on photo technique I went on to shoot and assist at wedding for her studio until I finished High School. I graduated in 2009 from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, an extension of Tufts University with a BFA in Photographic Processes. Since then I have been building my brand and discovering my style. I shooting local and destination weddings and Mitzvah's year round, travel as much as possible, and exhibiting my work all around the country.

I don't set out to make art, but to tell a story. In my work I combine multiple images, overlapping textures, patterns and colors to create a wholly new, and unforeseen composition. The juxtaposition and mingling of these elements is anything but haphazard/random. All the pieces are deliberately created and woven together to develop a robust narrative. When I work with a model I am reminded that even though I have constructed a visual idea for a final piece I must not take away their identity and personality. The models provide the human quality that creates the compelling stories I want to tell. My work tends to focus on environmental and humanist struggles that I am passionate about. While the themes and style of my work vary drastically depending on my material and subject matter they are linked by recurring elements. My choice of subject matter comes from a place of intuition and is charged by an impetuous desire to understand the magic of this world, as it exists around me. I am driven by light and inspired to compose the contrast of light and dark.



Linda Richmond

Artist Linda Richmond has a bright outlook and a sunny disposition, which are reflected in her colorful and vivid creations. Influenced by the landscapes in her travels, Linda seamlessly transfers the vistas onto the canvas using a variety of tools. Incorporating Citra Solv altered pages into her work has opened up a new world for Linda, and for her passion and talent we are proud to name her the Citra Solv June Artist of the Month.

new artist

My career as an artist began in graphics, where for 20 years I enjoyed exploring the basic shapes and forms in good design. When I retired from the design field, I was excited to shift my focus to working and playing with all kinds of media from watercolor and oils; to acrylic painting, drawing, inking, beading, card-making, collage and mosaic. I found that my passion lies in acrylics and collage work…often simultaneously!

I like to transform one thing into another, recycling and repurposing to create new works of art, whether it's glass and shards for mosaic or old watercolor pieces and magazines for collage. When I discovered the Citra-Solv method of transforming paper for collage, I had a new love. The textured look is my favorite, and I've begun collecting old National Geographic magazines for my latest projects.

I've also recently started creating artist trading cards. I find the small format challenging and intimate. It's a good way to connect with other artists, as cards are traded and never sold.

When creating a piece of artwork, my focus begins with shapes for a good design. Then, I choose a colorful palette, influenced by travels to the desert, Mexico and Italy. Living in Lake County, California has inspired the hills and water in my work.



Christopher Staples

Christopher Staples is a journalist. She's also a photographer, storyteller and dream catcher. In short, Christopher is an award-winning, highly educated and experienced mixed media artist. She captures the images and objects in her life that inspire her and creates works of art that inspire others.
For her beautiful work, her skills and mixed media magic, we are proud to name Christopher Staples the May Citra Solv Artist of the Month.

new artist

I am an abstract mixed media artist who creates work that comments on memory and perception. I am inspired by a line, a color, a shape or a texture. My CitraSolv papers have all of those elements. I use CitraSolv to create unique paper for my grid-inspired abstract collages. The process is one of randomness and control that is both satisfying and challenging. I work in a variety of media, but collage is the most exciting for me, as it allows for a juxtaposition of elements that the viewer can respond to viscerally.

Christopher Staples is an award-winning mixed media artist who has a BFA, magna cum laude, from the University of Hartford, Hartford Art School. She creates and teaches workshops in a converted barn studio on her property. Most recently, she opened LOOK | ART GALLERY in Mahopac, NY, a contemporary artists cooperative. Additionally she is teaching a workshop in art journaling in Tuscany in the summer of 2012. More information is available on christopherstaples.com.



Mira M. White

Whether she's painting inspirational pastel landscapes, birds in flight or everyday icons surrounded by stunning colors, artist Mira White has an unwavering sense of rhythm and beauty in her art. A firm believer in "fearless exploration," Mira asks her students and viewers to push the limits and embrace creativity. For her steadfast commitment to her art and unbridled and enthusiasm, we are proud to name Mira White as the Citra Solv March Artist of the Month.

new artist

Check out Mira's Blog here.

Mira M. White is an award winning painter with an exhibition record both domestic and international, and has been an art instructor for over 30 years. Her professional responsibilities include a full teaching schedule of classes and workshops in multiple media . Currently teaching at Civic Arts Education in Walnut Creek, Studio One Art Center in Oakland, Lafayette Studio and the Mendocino Art Center, she also organizes and conducts numerous workshops in Pastels, Watercolor and Mixed Media, including several painting workshops in other states and in France.

The Pastel Journal featured her mixed media work in its Jan/Feb 2011 issue. Her work is included in the 2010 anthology Best In American Water Media , and she is also featured on a recent DVD and e book A Walk Into Abstracts. She received the Grand Prize at the popular Rocky Mountain National Aqua-media Exhibition in 2001, was presented in Watercolor Magic, winter 2002 and was a 3rd place winner in the national Pastel Journal competition of 2006 .

Exhibitions this year have included the Triton Watercolor Annual, The CWA
National, Encaustic Masters ( Oregon) and this exhibit at Mythos. Upcoming in 2012J ,Telling Stories through Art, ( Diablo Valley College), Conversations – a 3 person exhivit ( San Pablo Gallery) and a solo exhibition at the Mendocino Art Center.

BFA with High Distinction, MFA with Distinction California College of Arts & Crafts. A member of CWA, IEA ( International Encaustic Artists) and ISEA (International Society of Experimental Artists.) For more information on her recent work and teaching schedule, please view her web gallery: www.miraMwhite.com



Paula Guhin

Paula Guhin is a mixed media artist with a prolific body of impressive work, a house and heart filled with love and appreciation, and a great sense of humor. We are proud to be included in her book, Creating Decorative Paper. For her talent, incredible visual perception and enthusiasm, we are pleased to name Paula as the February Citra Solv Artist of the Month.

new artist

Check out Paula's Book "Creating Decorative Paper" here.

creating decorative paper

Paula Guhin takes pleasure in exploring the potential of both traditional art media and novel, unorthodox materials. She is a visual arts educator and enjoys conducting workshops on mixed-media techniques.

Guhin is a lifelong learner who loves photography, traveling, animals, and especially her husband, David. Her books include Creating Decorative Papers (Stackpole) and Image Art Workshop (CPi), among others. Guhin's informative articles have appeared in numerous magazines such as Cloth Paper Scissors and Arts & Activities.
Paula blogs at http://www.mixedmediamanic.blogspot.com/


Andrea Pottyondy

Surrounded by the magnificent vistas of Nova Scotia, artist Andrea Pottyondy seemingly captures the luscious landscapes and sweeping scenery on her canvasses. Andrea believes that "art makes us human, art is a healer, and art is beauty." For her inspiring words and prolific works, we are pleased to name Andrea Pottyondy as the Citra Solv January Artist of the Month.

new artist

Art is everywhere in my life. I am an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists, the initiator of Artspa (art group) and its blog author artspagallery.blogspot.com, docent at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, and an artist who sees the potential in common bits and pieces of everyday life.

Born and raised in Quebec, I also lived in Yukon Territory from 1984-88 and presently reside with my family in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada. Mostly self-taught, I studied art with the University of Southern California, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and with professional artists in Canada and abroad.
My love of the environment, history and travel are exhibited in the abstract layered landscapes and colourful, textured florals and narratives that I create. I use water based mediums, acrylics, oils, crayons, ink, handmade papers (using citrasolv), printmaking, recycled/found objects and incorporate them in my art pieces or use them in application techniques.

My artwork has been purchased by the Nova Scotia Art Bank 2009,is featured in Nova Scotia's Contemporary Artists Volume II 2010, International Women Celebrate; 100 Women Artists Reflect 2011, and hangs in private and corporate collections.

I have always wanted to share my passion for art, whether doing a workshop with children, being creative and sharing art tips with my peers, or hoping my art brings a smile to a viewer's lips, or even better, stirs some emotion deep within.

To see my artwork please visit my website at www.artarage.com






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