In honor of our creative and highly talented artists, Citra Solv has proudly been a sponsor of the International Society of Acrylic Painters (ISAP) Open Exhibition. Each year, we look forward to supplying one of the esteemed winners with products and cash prizes. This year, ISAP’s 17th, the Citra Solv award was given to Kathleen Mooney, who will be featured as our October Artist of the Month. Congratulations to all the artists, and especially to Kathleen!

Kathleen Mooney

Kathleen Mooney holds signature awards from the National Watercolor Society, the International Society of Acrylic Painters and the International Society of Experimental Artists and is recognized internationally for her dedication to studio painting, energy of abstraction and resonant design work.

Mooney’s art is featured in the her “Legends” Collection of 25 rugs produced by Foreign Accents Rugs. Her expressive colors and richly symbolic surface designs appear in clothing, home furnishing textiles and accessories produced by Art of Where. 

Embracing the eternal human need to create and “make special” through signs, symbols, and the associations of colors Mooney combines contemporary artistic exploration with enduring patterns and mark making. Headquartered in Michigan, she travels extensively to study ancient cultures and artifacts, explore archeological remains and to interact with international artists.

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When working directly with paint on canvas or paper Mooney fully expresses the properties of water and pigment while composing with balance and harmony. Line, color, shape, and texture recall rich vistas, coastal magic, or the pure beauty of nonrepresentational abstraction.

Most often Kathleen Mooney utilizes lyrical painting, printmaking, hand cut stamps, and custom stencils to create panels of acrylic paint with expressive and unique colors - recalling the richness of silk. The panels are layered using her strongly harmonic intuition in composition developed through decades of studio practice -- connecting with energy, confidence and cutting edge sensibility.

Art Instruction is available by appointment or contract and detailed descriptions of current workshops and classes are available on www.kathleenmooney.com

Awards and Honors

  • ISEA - International Society of Experimental Artists – Cutting Edge Award 2010
  • HAT – Home Accents Today Editor’s Choice for rug design “Sandstorm” at High Point Market 2014
  • Interior Design Magazine – May 31, 2014 “Flowers” rug design produced by Foreign Accents Rugs
  • Signature – National Watercolor Society and Traveling Exhibit 2011 (NWS)
  • Nautilus Signature – International Society of Experimental Artists (ISEA-NF)
  • Signature – International Society of Acrylic Painters (ISAP)
  • Citra Solv Award – ISAP 2015

Website www.kathleenmooney.com

Crow and Turquoise

Maize, Smoke and Gourd


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