"How-To" Art Videos

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When it comes to creating art with Citra Solv, the talent of these artists is matched only by their generosity to share their techniques with others. Our sincere thanks to these wonderful contributors, who've created these helpful (and unsolicited) videos:

New Videos!

Cathy Taylors 2 part video on Altered Paper Options using Citrasolv

Part 1
Altering Papers with Citra Solv,
Part 2 Altered Paper Options
Part 3 Altered Papers Painting Altered Papers
Part 4 Callaging with Altered Papers
Part 5 Matting the Altered Papers

Cathy Taylor Video


How to paint "Citra Solved" National Geographic Magazine® pages by Cathy Taylor.


For more videos by Gary Reef, aka. CapricornArtist73:


Our thanks to Dr. Ellen Horovitz for sharing her very user-friendly techniques on how to create image transfers using Citra Solv.


Stampington and Company has these videos on their site. Head there for more detailed information on the techniques shown below.