Mixed Media Tutorial:
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Cathy Taylor's Mixed Media Tutorial:
Photo comes from National Geographic Magazine.


Original image.

Image after CitraSolv is used.

Tree trunks added.

Final Image.



As a mixed media artist and workshop instructor, my favorite question is “what if?”  Now that I think of it, perhaps that has always been my favorite question, accounting for the prairie dog rescue fiasco (they bite!), the laundry room chemical mixing mishap, the incident involving dam flood gates and my short swim, and other creative adventures from which my Mom is probably still recovering.

My artistic experiments are not as harrowing, but they are every bit as compelling and exciting.  I am less and less attached to the product, and more and more interested in the process.  When I allow my mind to open up to possibilities, to the creative energy in the universe, my results are far more satisfying than when I try to “make” something happen.

I love to explore artistic techniques by taking them one step further, pushing the limit.  This “what iffing” mindset combined with a process of altering papers with Citrasolv is what led to the discovery of my “Citrart”.

All you need is some old newspapers, Citrasolv concentrate (orange or lavender, your fav), old National Geographic magazines, a brush or spritzer, and paper towels.

Cover you table with newspaper…this gets messy!  Brush or spray all the pages in the magazine with Citrasolv.  Squish closed and wait 10-15 minutes.  Squish again…icky black ink will come out.  Mop up with paper towels.  Tear out the pages which will be weird and wonderful.  No original image will remain, just cool shapes, colors and designs!

You can use these papers for collage or paint back into them with acrylic paints and inks and gel pens.

You can remove more ink with a Qtip coated with Citrasolv to create faces, clouds, waterfalls etc. 

Check out the gallery! Use your imagination!  For detailed information on this technique, read my article in my very favorite mixed media magazine, Cloth Paper Scissors Jan/Feb 2010 issue.  Also go to clothpaperscissors.com for online extras!


Stacy Wills' Mixed Media Tutorial:
Photo comes from National Geographic Magazine.

I was introduced to the Citra Solv process this summer at a mixed media workshop taught by Elke Briuer of Vicksburg, MS.  It was she who suggested that the birds looked like veiled women and that perhaps I could develop the image in that direction.

The original picture was actually quite small, so I scanned it, enlarged it and printed it out onto acrylic canvas paper. 
 After lightly drawing around each bird, "clothing" them - as it were, I began painting using acrylics.
 When it was pretty much finished, I scanned the painting and began playing around with the image digitally.   It really felt like the women  came to life.

Here's the first phase of transforming the parakeets...

The women in progress...

The women...next phase. still working by hand here.

Final stage - digitally altered as it appears on my blog.