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Has a Citra Solv product made your life cleaner, less greasy, better smelling or just generally more awesome? Over the years we've received countless letters, emails, phone calls and personal testimonials from customers telling us about how a Citra Solv product has solved a cleaning problem for them. Not only do we love hearing these "Citra Solv Stories," we love sharing them with you.

Every month we post our new favorite stories. Send yours in—if it gets chosen, we'll mail you a nifty little thank you gift. (Hint: it smells really good.) We're excited to hear from you!
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The Good Stuff: Citra Solv Stories


Your product works hard and allows me to be more efficient.

My name is Krista and I am a local business owner for a cleaning company in the Roanoke, VA area and beyond. The business is called Go Green Cleaning. We work with many homeowners but also construction companies, a private school, as well as local and corporate businesses.

The school that we offer our services to was using a variety of cleaning products through a cleaning company. Now that we have come on board they allow me to use my own products. I love Citra Solv and many people at the school stop and ask me what cleaning product I use that smells so good. I gladly tell them and to my surprise, many have not heard of it.
The smell as well as the effective cleaning it has on wood and other surfaces gives me and my clients a sense of satisfaction. I love the product!
Thanks very much for your wonderful product.

K. Stevenson

Dear Citrasolv,

My aunt recently moved into a townhouse previously inhabited for 27 years by a heavy smoker. The conventional wisdom dictated that we had to replace all the carpeting to rid the house of the pervasive tobacco odor.

I figured that since the tar in tobacco was essentially oil-based, a degreaser ought to do the trick. I scrubbed the carpets by pretreating with full-strength Citrasolv, and then cleaning with a steam cleaner as normal. Even though the carpets had been cleaned prior to the sale, the water in the dump tank was the color of tobacco juice! I set my daughter to cleaning the hard surfaces with Citrasolv, and the color change was immediate. I was amazed at the progress we made in just one day! Thanks to your cleaning product and a fresh coat of paint, I’m confident my aunt’s new home will not only look new, but smell new as well!

Thanks very much for your wonderful product.

Andrew P.

I work for small Massage & Wellness center and we do our laundry in-house. The problem that we are faced with is finding a detergent that works without the heavy chemicals and scents.

Our problem is solved. I just "discovered" the Valencia Orange Laundry Detergent. I love how clean the sheets came out, it seemed as if the detergent cut through the lotion and oils and how you could still smell a light orange scent. Very relaxing, not over-powering.

I am confident that my clients will love the change I have made. Thank you for a great product! I can't wait to try some of your other products.

Yours truly,
Lisa M.
Spring, TX

Dear Steve and Melissa:
I am a long- time loyal fan of your products.
This year I decided to splurge and give some very special gifts to those on my Christmas list. I created large bamboo baskets containing a wide variety of fine quality products that have meant a great deal to me over the years. These baskets (for my children, for my sisters, for my best friends, and so on) each included a selection from the Citra Solv “repertoire.”

Just to let you know that you are in good company, I also included a bottle of truffle infused extra virgin Olive Oil, a high quality Kyocera ceramic kitchen knife, a blood orange cream Balsamic Vinegar and other “essentials.” In each basket I placed a bottle of Fresh Ginger Castile Soap, a spray bottle of Lime Air Scense Freshener, and a bottle of Mango Tangerine Dish Washing Liquid (my current personal favorite).

In addition to giving pleasure to my recipients, this is my way of introducing them to products they may not have been using, but that I really think they should try. I am convinced that once they try these Citra Solv gifts, they will want to try even MORE of your offerings.

This letter is thank you for all your fine efforts. Your products and your company are, in my opinion, outstanding. I know of no other way to describe them. I hope you, your loved ones and all the hard-working people at Citra Solv had a happy and peaceful Holiday Season, and that 2014 brings you all good things and many happy surprises.




We have an eco-friendly house cleaning company in Madison WI and Citra Solv is the only all purpose cleaner we use. We did a lot of research when trying to find a green cleaner that is not only safe for our employees and the environment, but also tough on dirt and grime. We tried at least a dozen all purpose cleaners and nothing even came close to Citra Solv. It's extremely effective at cleaning just about any surface and our clients are always telling us how they just love coming home to the fresh orange scent after we've cleaned. So we just wanted to say thanks for putting out an awesome product that makes our job easier and our clients very happy!

Beverly Miller
Green Ladies Cleaning

Save Some Citra-Solv For Me

By Marsha Carlton
(with apologies to Mama Cass)

Listen to the Song.

Burnt chicken in the roast pan
Grease splattered on my oven and oh man
I’ve got a mess that’s too big for me
Save some Citra-Solv for me

My copper pots need shining
They worked so hard with holiday dining
My sink is full , I’m blue as can be
Save some Citra-Solv for me

All clean now, my studio calls, dear
I’m working in bliss
There’s paint on my shoes and my pants dear
So I’m saying this

I know that things will shine now
I know that Citra-solv will clean fine now
So wherever I happen to be
Save some Citra-Solv for me
Save some Citra-Solv for me

We have loved your products for over 20 years. Nothing comes close. We use lots of products - full strength cleaner, dish detergent, clothes detergent and I recently bought the polish to try out. Did not know there is a drain cleaner - have not seen that in the stores here but will look at City Market in Burlington. Ditto the glass cleaner. We still like the orange best, but the lavender laundry detergent is a nice change.

It's winter and here in snow country (Vermont), Citrasolv is the best thing for cleaning skis, especially nordic skis. Get that old wax (full of pine needles and such) off and get that new wax on, even it's only tips and tails.

Laura C.


My job of choice while visiting good friends in Mass was to scrape off the linoleum tiles on the kitchen floor and then find a way to get all that ooey gooey mastic off the beautiful floor we discovered underneath this mess. I experimented with many different products, trying to stay with the greener ones that I found at the local hardware store and even tried some toxic chemicals. I never knew there was a product called Krud Kutter. But it was CitraSolv that worked the best. The hardware store only sold it in 8oz containers and I got the last bottle. We needed at least a gallon of it. . So Sleuthing Sal (my detective persona's name) went on the hunt for more CitraSolv. First stop…….the internet and exciting discoveries. CitraSolv is also an art product. The web site has an art gallery and art contests. I found out that CitraSolv is used to transfer Xerox photos onto paper and fabric. I found out that National Geographic is the best magazine to use CitraSolv on to create fantastic futuristic other worldly art. I can't wait to try some of these. And I found out who sold CitraSolv in the area.

After 5 packages of steel wool (I learned too late that metal scrubbies worked better) and 5 bottles of CitraSolv ….the 32 oz size (that's 1 ¼ gallons), lots and lots of rags and even more elbow grease, the mastic is 99% up. The maple floor in this old farmhouse kitchen is ready to be sanded. THE JOB IS FINISHED and once again I am an expert now that the job is over and now a devotee of CitraSolv!!! I've been telling everyone I know about both the practical purposes and the art making talents of CitraSolv.

Sally W

Hi! This is the first time I've ever written to compliment a company on a product...but I've never been this happy before. I bought a bottle of Citra-Solv to use for image transfers. I'm still experimenting with that...

But today I was making some pendants with a 2-part epoxy jewelers resin. That stuff is difficult to remove with rubbing alcohol when it's wet, and completely impossible to remove when it's dry. I was working at my beautiful dining room table, so I put a new magazine still wrapped in plastic under the pendants before I poured them, to keep the resin from getting on my table. Ten hours later I came back to clean up after the resin had set, and discovered that some of the resin (a LOT of the resin) had leaked and ran underneath the was firmly adhered to my table. I finally got it loose, and there was a HUGE puddle of resin, dried hard on my table. I almost started to cry...I knew I was going to have to refinish the table!

I went to get the rubbing alcohol, knowing that it was going to destroy the finish on my table...that's when I noticed my bottle of Citra-Solv and figured it couldn't hurt to try it. I used it full strength and did a little spot came off almost immediately, without removing the finish! The big problem was the huge puddle that was the full length and 1/2 the width of the magazine, so I started rubbing it with Citra-Solv. I didn't have to rub hard...just put it on and waited a couple minutes for it to soften the resin...and it took off every last drop! Plus the oils in the CitraSolv made the wood look fabulous!!!

I am completely sold on this product...and can hardly wait to try the rest of your products. I'm just amazed...your product saved my expensive table!!!

Thank you for making such a wonderful product that not only does what it claims on the label, but so much more!!!


*We are glad that Citra Solv worked so well for Deb in removing resin from her table, but want to be sure to add a word of caution that when using Citra Solv Concentrate Cleaner and Degreaser full strength on wood surfaces, you always want to spot test on an inconspicuous area to insure compatibility. Avoid contact with certain finishes such as paste wax, lacquer and stained wood.

Hi there,
I was introduced to this product via: an art class and love it for all those reasons. But, I was painting with oil and was out of turpenoid and used
Citra Solv to clean my brushes and it is better than anything from the art stores. Hurray! I am a gallery artist, painter, and used to be the buyer for the local art store and this is remarkable stuff. I told my art store and he wants to carry it now. Awesome discovery and great product. All my other brands are going and this is all I want!

My friend also had his computer bag at my house and my cat sprayed it. We put a tiny bit of Citra Solv solution in a pail of water, soaked it, rinsed and let it dry and it
was 'odor free'. I was amazed at that as well. I never will buy another brand of cleaning supplies. I am a super convert!

Thanks so much,

Janis K.
Sonoma California

Dear Steve and Melissa,

I just wanted to let you know our experience with your Citra Solv automatic dish washer detergent. We bought it at New Seasons market here in Portland, Oregon about a week ago and right away we noticed something different about it. We liked that it is safe on septic systems, and is a natural cleaner. But after about the second load went through with our copper bottom Calphalon pots and skillets, we were both asking the other if they had used the copper cleaner to shine the pots recently. Neither of us had. Since we've washed them many times before in the dishwasher, we knew then the only new variable was the Citra Solv!

We had to put it to the test. We've paid close attention now each time we put one of the skillets through the cycle and each time it comes out brighter and shinier than before. We do get a little residue of the soap crystals on the rim of the pots and skillets, but wiping them off works fine.

We just wanted to let you know of this added feature of your product.

Many thanks,
Tracy and Bill
Lake Oswego, OR

Hi Melissa,
Well, I finally finished another Citra Solv project! I just posted it on my blog, you can see it here

Also, I have a funny story for you. When I was working on this last project I was trying to explain to my husband how it works and he asked to see the bottle of Citra Solv. I brought it up from my craft room and he looked at it and then set it on the kitchen counter, where it stayed for a couple of days. The next day my cleaning lady came to the house while I was out (she's my big splurge, she comes twice a month and just does my bathrooms and kitchen floor.). She saw the bottle of Citra Solv on the counter and assumed I had left it out for her to clean the kitchen floors with, so that's what she did. She actually left me a thank you note afterwards, telling me how she liked the smell so much better than the stuff her employer gives her to clean with and she thought it worked a lot better too!

Anyway, I just thought you might enjoy that story!

Hi Melissa & Steve ,

I had to write to you to tell you what an amazing product Citra-Solv is. Every Halloween I think of this story and I finally had to share it with you. My mother had made a beautiful baby blue satin Cinderella costume with hand beading down the front for my 2-year old daughter for Halloween. We had gone to her house for trick-or-treating and when we got there, she was decorating her front yard with spider webs. She normally sprays her spider webs with neon yellow spray paint for effect. My 2-year old decided that she wanted to help and picked up the spray paint can, and as you may have guessed, sprayed paint all down the front her beautiful gown! I was devastated! I had come to the realization that there was nothing I could do, so the dress was packed away for memories. Three month later my daughter was invited to a princess birthday party. I was determined to have her wear the beautiful Cinderella gown my mother had made. So with the delicate satin gown in hand and an arsenal of products and harsh scrub pads, figuring frayed or damaged material was better than neon yellow spray paint! Much to my surprise, I poured Citra-Solv on the dress first and started to scrub. I immediately realized that the paint was disappearing on its own and gently rubbed the rest out with a soft towel! Three months later and the Citra-Solv got it out! WOW!!! Thank you for an amazing product that is not only safe enough for a princess’ gown, but for our environment too!


Cinderella’s Mom in California

Dear Steve and Melissa,

To say my wood kitchen table had a "little' build up on it would be an understatement. Everything stuck to it-placemats. napkins and sometimes my kids! With a 4 and a 5 year old mealtimes require lots of clean up and my table was showing signs of using the wrong cleaner for the job.

I have a cabinet full of the "latest and greatest" cleaners, but they all fell flat when it came to cutting the crud. My sister Debi recently visited and as I lamented about my table she jumped on the computer to see if her favorite product "CitraSolv" was available in my area. She found it at a local grocer and 3/4 of a bottle of concentrate and 5 rags later my table was saved!!! (yeah it had that much build up) The table top was as smooth as the day I purchased it. I had made such a big deal about my table being beautiful again, that now every time my kids walk by it they run their hand across to feel the smoothness too. Thank You so much for not only the wonderful product but the integrity of the company you represent. I am now a lifelong user of the concentrate and will tell anyone who will listen that they should be too.

Thank You again,

S.R.B. in Illinois
P.S. Instead of tossing the rags (believe it to be a blessing-they were disgusting) my husband soaked them overnight in the washer and ran them through in the morning. There was A LOT of concentrate in wash tub and when the cycle was through my 15 year old agitator was sparkley and bright. (typically discolored from one thing or another) What a happy double bonus from your amazing product!

Hi, Where to start. Well let me start with the very first bottle of CitraSolv I purchased about a year ago to remove some nasty gooey stuff from the tile back-splash in my kitchen. I had tried several natural cleaning tips and ideas, including mayonnaise (tip from the BBC show, how clean is your house) while that worked after about an hour and some heavy scraping, I decided to give the CitraSolv a whirl. Wow, in minutes, the gooey stuff was gone. I was impressed!

But that is only the beginning of my love affair with your product..

Flash forward to a week ago. I had just finished having marble tiles installed in my bathroom. We were to the first cleaning phase of the marble. I was dreading removing the mortar haze and chunks.

Then the light bulb came on, why not use a natural product on a natural stone, so I got out the CitraSolv. Oh MY GOSH! the Citrasolv cut through the haze like butter and the chunks of mortar didn't even stand a chance. My installer was impressed. He hadn't seen anything work this well and not hurt the marble.

On to the next phase, epoxy grout! I stood at the ready with my five gallon bucket of water mixed with CitraSolv. My installer insisted on using water! HA. By the end of the day, he was using the CitraSolv water (we affectionately referred to it as orange water because of the wonderful smell). Again, it cut the grout haze and the grout that was left on the tile like it was just plain dirt.

CitraSolv didn't even blink an orange slice. Even 24 hours later, using CitraSolv right out of the bottle, I was still able to remove the missed spots of haze and chunky spots of epoxy! And all that without hurting my marble or the grout that framed the marble. My installer even started using it to clean his trowels and was asking where he could get some for his own use. Even the grout sponges lasted longer because of the way the CitraSolv cut the epoxy while the sponges soaked between cleanings.

My bathroom looks great and a job I was dreading, cleaning grout haze and grout cleanup in general, became the best part of the whole project. Now I find myself, cleaning rag and bucket full of CitraSolv water in hand, wandering the house looking for any sign of grime or goo to wipe it out. Beware grime monsters, CitraSolv is on the Job!!!

Can't wait to try the rest of the line! Keep up the great work!

Thank You, Customer for Life!

L.M. in Milwaukie

I’ve heard thousands of “Citra Solv Stories” over the years, but my favorite has to be the one from a fellow mom, who claimed Citra Solv saved her life. Of course, that really grabbed my attention. I mean, Citra Solv is good, but a lifesaver? Let’s just say I was intrigued.

She went on to tell me that while she was tending to the last-minute details of getting her house ready for a party, her 5-year-old son came up to her covered (face and chest!) with what looked like red war paint. Turns out, it was lipstick, and just as it was beginning to dawn on her (and maybe him as well) that this would require a heavy-duty bath, he took off running. As she chased him, he decided to slide down the stairs, face down. The same stairs that were covered in white carpet. Citra Solv to the rescue! Fortunately, the lipstick came out in time for her party — no carpet cleaning service required.

I had to laugh at the story. As the mom of an always-on-the-go son myself, I understood how quickly messes can be made, and how we’d like to make them disappear just as quickly.

If you have a story you’d like to share with us, please send it in! I really enjoy reading about the many ways Citra Solv has helped so many people, and I can’t wait to hear from you.

Melissa Zeitler

Dear Steve & Melissa –

Dropping you a line to let you know how much I love your Citra-Solv. I started using it a couple of months ago. I am now on my third bottle. For sure it does all the jobs that I needed – one for this & one for that. I clean mirrors, windows, floors, and sinks – even spot cleaned by carpet. First product I have owned in my 70 yrs cleaning – that says it all & does it all.

Thank You,
(From CW in Oregon)

PS. I now only need one cleaning product & it is Citra-Solv and made in the USA.

Good Morning,

To start, I want to say this is the first time I have ever contacted a company to express my viewpoint about a product. Over the past twenty plus years I have tried to help my wife with cleaning chores around the house. It has always been difficult to deal with soap scum build-up on the tub/shower surface. Last weekend I tried using your Citra-Solv for the first time. Wow, I was very impressed how your product took task of dissolving away the film. Also, it was much nicer using Citra-Solv compared to the harsher cleaners, such as Comet. It smells nicer and it is not as harsh on your hands. As a biologist and food scientist, I truly appreciate the biodegradability of Citra-Solv. Keep up the good work! You now have a loyal customer.

(B.P. in Idaho)



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