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May 2014

Citra Solv Helps Users Come Clean… Naturally
Leading Natural Cleaner Offers Easy Spring Cleaning Tips & Videos

Ridgefield, CT, April 15, 2014 – It’s been a long winter, and all across America, homeowners are opening windows, and getting buckets ready for the annual spring cleaning ritual. With those often-dreaded tasks in mind, Citra Solv has created special information and videos that can take some of the bore out of the chore, and put more spring into your step and your home.

According to The American Cleaning Institute, nearly ¾ of all American households will perform some sort of spring cleaning task, with a trend toward cleaning more themselves rather than hiring a cleaning service, and attempting to make more economical cleaning choices.

Citra Solv’s new “Cleaning Solutions” page on the company’s website offers effective advice that helps consumers save their valuable resources: time and money. There’s a comprehensive and convenient Stain Chart, professional Cleaning Tips for both big and small messes, suggestions on getting ride of unwanted odors, and a series of “How to” videos.

“Taking a few moments to learn will make the job go much faster and more efficiently,” said Citra Solv co-founder Steve Zeitler. Having started his career in the industrial cleaning industry, Zeitler enjoys sharing his knowledge of simple solutions to complicated cleaning tasks.

Melissa Zeitler, co-founder of the independently owned company agrees, and stresses the importance of having the right tools and products. “You don’t need to have a lot of time, money or harsh chemicals to start the season on a clean note,” she said. “We work hard to make the most effective natural cleaners so that you don’t have to work hard at keeping your home clean.”

Following are a few Citra Solv Spring Cleaning Tips. For the full list, visit the Cleaning Solutions page of the Citra Solv website:

Use the right tools
A soft dusting cloth is effective, less expensive and more environmental.
An old fashioned floor mop is still your best tool for mopping the floors; a good cotton mop should last 20 years.
Instead of using paper towels to clean windows, use a strip washer and squeegee.

To cut down on time
Wet mopping: always mop in a figure 8 motion in front of you while stepping backwards. Back your way out of the room.
Window washing: Spray on your window cleaner, spread it with the strip washer and with overlapping strokes squeegee down the window. Keep a paper towel handy for drying off the squeegee.
For multiple windows, use a strip washer and bucket. Fill bucket half way with water, then add a couple of squirts of natural liquid dish soap. Apply with the washer and follow the same method of running the squeegee down the window.

Know your dirt
When cleaning stains, identify what kind of stain you are dealing with and learn which cleaners work best for each stain. Oxygen bleach works best for stains like coffee, wine and grape juice. Biological cleaners work best if you are trying to get rid of pet stains, food stains and blood. Cleaner and degreasers work best when you are trying to remove stains that are petroleum based like oil, grease and tar.

Clean your tools
Throw your dishwashing cloth or sponge in when you run your dishwasher.
Put a couple of drops of your natural dishwashing liquid on your sponge or dish cloth and wipe down the counters rather than pull out a spray cleaner. Wipe back down with a non-soapy cloth. Most people don't realize that they should also be rinsing the counters when they use the spray formulas to remove the chemical residual.

Bonus Info from Citra Solv
Just in time for Earth Day, Rustle the Leaf, Nature’s Official Spokesleaf™, offers a downloadable Earth Day book. The free publication offers nine topics, including a “Renewable is Do-able” lesson plan for educators, as well as a full color poster.
"More than ever, it's important for children to be interested and involved in environmental causes," said Steve Zeitler, co-founder of Citra Solv, LLC.
“We believe that every little activity, every comic strip punch line, every coloring page can help establish a life-long awareness for environmentally responsible behaviors.”


June 2013

Lets Dish!
Consumer Reports recently re-tested auto dish detergents, focusing in on hard water conditions.  Our Citra Dish Powder was the top natural auto dish product. We are proud to say that Citra Dish performed better than several other of our well-known, "natural" competitors. We even performed far better than some conventional brands, including Finish Powder, Palmolive Eco and Sun Light. We'd like to say "we told you so," but we'll let the study – and the product – speak for itself.


May 2013

A "Clean" New Look
In honor of our 25th Anniversary, and after months of hard work, our new website redesign launched! We feel the new site better reflects who we are, what we do, and how committed we are to our valuable customers and the environment. In addition to being easier to navigate, the site is filled with fun retro facts and links, along with plenty of information. Welcome to our home at Citra!



Spring Into Art
Our Citra Artists did it again, awing us with their magnificent depictions of the season of splendor in the grass, lilting songs, and sweet smells in the air. Congratulations and thanks to the many talented artists who entered. Citra Solv is swiftly becoming a useful tool in the art world, and we are grateful and excited! All of the winning entries can be seen on our Facebook page: here




25th Anniversary
It's Here! In honor of our 25th Anniversary, we've got all kinds of exciting things planned for YOU! First up: our newly redesigned website! By updating our main site, we've improved navigation, and made it easier to connect with us and learn more about special offers, news and promotions. Please make yourselves at home and look around! Read more.



Can You Feel the Love (or at least paint it)?
We asked our Citra Artists to show us some love! Our "Show us your (He)Art" contest invited everyone to send us a valentine (we're not sorry to admit it!). Judy Ludovise, Diane Robinson, Marsha Carlton, Carol Andrews Jensen, Diana Orendorf and Christy RePinec all created beautiful pieces that stole our hearts.

We also said, "Let's Dish" to our Facebook Family -- about our natural, good for you, good for the environment auto dishwasher gel, that is. To try some for free, all they had to do was enter our Clean Up With Citra Dish Giveaway just by "liking" the post!



A Clean Start to the Year
We started the year off right, and had some Good Clean Fun with Citra Suds! Once again, Facebook Family members simply had to "like" our posts to win. We also featured the same type of offer in our Clean Up With Citra Dish Facebook giveaway.

This month, we were also proud to name Andrea Pottyondy the Citra Solv Artist of the Month. Andrea is a versatile master of mediums – with Citra Art being one of them, of course.

Looking forward to a wonderful, exciting year with all kinds of exciting things happening!



Tis The Season!
The last month of the year is always a busy time (which we LOVE!), and we certainly take advantage of the spirit of the season! We really do believe that it is much better to give than to receive, which is why we made December our Holly Jolly Giveaway month. Each week gave away a FREE gift by randomly choosing a name from the "likes" on a particular Facebook post. It's our way of saying thanks to our wonderful Facebook Fans.

We also offered Citra Solv's Recipes for a Happy Holiday, our cleaning tips for all the mishaps, spills and stains the season may bring. Of course we couldn't forget to mention crafting and card tips from our wonderful Citra Artists. What a great and creative way to end the year on a clean, green and happy note!



Fall, Families, Fun & Food
The submissions we received for our Falling Into Art contest entered our office with color and vibrancy, almost like falling leaves themselves! At the beginning of the month, we were thrilled to announce the winners of seasonal contest. Once again, the talented and generous professional artist Cathy Taylor was tasked with judging. First Place, amateur division, was awarded to Aleta Jacobson for "Horse II" ; Professional divison went to Pamela Peterson, "Fault Lines."

Our Home for the Holidays contest brought in touching stories of valued friends and family members. One tale in particular, touched us, that of Ginny Bojanowski and her incredible daughter, Lisa. Our many thanks to Ginny and Lisa for sharing their inspiring and moving story with all of us.


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