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Air "Refreshers"
Called by many “the best air fresheners ever,” Air Scense formulations include only the finest essential oils and plant extractives. Beautiful package graphics. 7-ounce, non-aerosol, pump-spray aluminum bottles. Available in Orange, Vanilla, Lavender and Lime.

In honor of our 20th Anniversary, Air Scense has a Fresh New Look ( it's still the same refreshing product inside)!
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Sizes & Fragrances
Available Size: 7oz.
Fragrances: Orange, Lime, Lavender, Vanilla
Orange Limonene (the clear liquid from the peel of the orange, food grade), Concentrated Orange Oil blend
Lime Limonene (the clear liquid from the peel of the orange, food grade), Concentrated Lime Oil blend
Vanilla Water, Grain Alcohol, C10-16 Pareth-1 (plant derived surfactant), Vanilla Absolute Blend.
Lavender Water,Grain Alcohol, C10-16 Pareth-1 (plant derived surfactant), Lavender Oil Blend
Shelf life 5 years minimum

This stuff works miracles. I seem to have a skunk in close proximity to my bedroom window. Periodically this skunk sprays and the smell is horrible. I immediately grab my lavender spray and spray away. It says on the can to just spray once due to its concentration. Under normal circumstances this is true. Dealing with intense skunk odor, I had to use more than one, but it went away super fast. Martha, CT

I love the smell of your Orange Air Scense so much that I run around the office spraying it every chance I get. It reminds me of a dream cycle and it doesn't have the fake smell that most air fresheners have.  I usually buy a couple of cans at a time because I keep giving mine away to friends.  Thank you for making such a wonderful product! Natalie T. NYC

Your Air Scense is my favorite Air Freshener!  I purchased my first can many years ago in a local natural products store and it has become a staple in my house and I even keep a can in my car.  We have dogs and even though I love them – they sometimes leave a doggie smell. Air Scense to the rescue!  It has also saved me from the occasional Friday Night fish fry odor. And it just smells so good! 
L. West  San Francisco, CA

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