1987 – Citra Solv is born

Husband and wife, Steve and Melissa, recognized the need for a natural alternative to conventional household cleaners. The solution: Citra Solv, a natural, citrus-based concentrated cleaner/degreaser. The next step was to bring it to market.

1987 – Power to the label

The POWER of Citra Solv was the inspiration behind our first label design. For those old enough to remember the Batman TV series in the 1960s, you may recall seeing the "ACTION" starburst similar to the one we use behind Citra Solv on our label. We adopted the retro look to give Citra Solv its unique personality.

1990 – "The Natural Way to Clean"

1990 marked the 20th anniversary of Earth Day and a turning point for the environmental movement. People began understanding the importance of cleaning with natural household products. Citra Solv started popping up in mainstream grocery stores and gained national distribution.

1992 – Citra Solv's first TV commercial

We think our first venture into television advertising was darned "a-peeling."

Watch the video on YouTube here.

1993 – New logo, new label

In 1993 Citra Solv got a bit of a makeover (we can all use those from time to time). That year we debuted a new label design and a new user-friendly shaped bottle.

1995 – Citra Solv receives Green Seal Recommendation

For two decades Green Seal has identified products that are healthier and greener, certifying goods and services that meet the highest standards of environmental quality and performance. We received our Green Seal Recommendation in 1995.

1995 – Citra Solv wins AMA Edison Award

We were extremely proud to win the AMA Edison Award for successfully marketing an environmentally sound, sustainable cleaner and degreaser. Products receiving this award must have demonstrable environmental advantages and command national or strong regional

1996 – Using our common scents

Everyone loves the way their house smells after a good cleaning. Well, in 1996 we brought that wonderful smell to your home with no cleaning required. That year we introduced Air Scense, a line of non-aerosol, real essential oil-based air fresheners. Air Scense was (and still is) a natural alternative to conventional synthetic perfumed aerosol products.

1996 – "Shower with a new friend"

Once we mastered making your house smell clean and fresh we moved on to making you smell clean and fresh. In 1996 we introduced our line of Shadow Lake Castile personal soaps and cleansers—"Old World" style soaps scented with real essential oils. Suddenly showers got much longer.

1997 – Lights, camera…Citra Solv!

Our next commercial was set in Orange, VA, in the charming Shadows Bed & Breakfast. You may recognize the cook—and a few of the players.

Watch the video on YouTube here.

1999 – Same great stuff, great
new look

We wanted to charge into the New Millennium with a clean, contemporary look. So in 1999 we unveiled a brand new Citra Solv logo.

2000 – Citra Solv to the rescue

Continuing on our line of successful television commercials, this one features daycare centers, naughty pets, stained clothing and other messes we all deal with every day.

Watch the video on YouTube here.

2001 Our family is growing!

The good stuff just keeps coming. Citra Solv extends the product line to include Citra Dish, Citra Suds, Citra Clear and Citra Wood.

2002 – "Orange You Glad" ads hit
the market

With "Orange" being such a big part of what we do, we just couldn't resist using the line. These ads were lots of fun to create and they smell good, too!

2003 – A new, fresh look

We all know there's no "natural" without nature. So we revamped our labels and even included our environmental ambassador, Rustle the Leaf.

2004 – Rustle appears at the Natural Products Expo in California

Rustle was a big hit at the Natural Products Expo. How can you not love this little leaf with a great big heart?

2004 – Rustle the Leaf comics developed

As part of our commitment to environmental education, Dan Wright and Dave Ponce are hired to create a series of informative & entertaining comics and materials. Wildly successful RTL materials were distributed around the world for free.

To learn more about Rustle the Leaf visit www.rustletheleaf.com

2005 – Castile redesign

Our popular soap line gets "cleaned up" with a contemporary apothecary look. Fresh Ginger was also added to the line. We were bubbling over with excitement!

2005 – Outstanding in our field (and in the stores)!

In 2005 we were honored to receive the Retailers' Natural Choice Award given out by Whole Foods Magazine. The award was voted on by natural products retailers.

2006 – Rustle the Leaf blossoms in popularity

Citra Solv funds production and distribution of 100,000 educational booklets about Earth Day, the environment and sustainable living. RTL materials are still available and in use today. To learn more visit http://www.rustletheleaf.com

2006 – Citra Drain is #1

We've always maintained that our products are the best. But it sure doesn't hurt to have it backed up by Consumer Reports. In 2006 Citra Drain was rated the #1 biological drain maintainer by Consumer Reports

2007 – Citra Solv gets another fresh, clean look

This time we weren't sure what was more exciting: Brand new packaging for all of our products or the release of a new Citra Solv fragrance—Lavender Bergamot!

2007 – New botanicals and fragrant aromas added

It made a lot of "scents" to include Fresh Grapefruit, Lavender Bergamot, Lemon Verbena and Mango Tangerine to our line. So we did!

2008 – Our products are certified as USDA BioPreferred.

You may not have heard of BioPreferred, but you're benefiting from it. The USDA manages this program that increases the purchase and use of biobased products. We are extremely proud to be on the list.

2009 – Ready for our Close-Up: Citra Solv You Tube Student
Video Contest

When we challenged students to come up with some clever commercials for Citra Solv, we were truly astonished with what they created. Yale student Richard Miron took 1st place with this amazingly creative spot.

See all the winners here

2010 – American Express Project Rebrand

Citra Solv was chosen from hundreds of thousands of businesses to participate in this amazing program. It was such an honor to work with American Express Open to review the Citra Solv brand and brand positioning.

Watch one of the Videos here.

2011 – Citra Dish rated # 1 auto dish powder by Consumer Reports.

In 2011 we were named #1 by Consumer Reports once again. This time, for Citra Dish. Naturally, we were all in a lather over it!

2012 – Citra Solv celebrates 25th Anniversary

Can you believe it's been 25 years? Here's to a (nearly) spotless past and a sparkling future!

2013 – Citra Solv Introduces
Free & Clear Products

Listening to our customers is "second nature" for us, so we introduced fragrance-free, naturally effective Free & Clear products for those who are sensitive to even the most delicate, natural aromas.