Altering Magazine Pages For Use In Mixed Media

Citra Solv can be used to alter the pages of National Geographic Magazines – creating unique, textured and inspiring papers that can be used in a variety of mixed media projects. The altered pages lend themselves to be painted on, painted into, collaged, scanned for computer graphic backgrounds - and more. The process has a bit of a magical, addictive quality; every page can be a bit unpredictable! Sometimes it is the page that brings the inspiration to the art. 


Materials Needed:

National Geographic magazines – It seems that the issues after the year 2000 work the best.  The highly-pigmented ink, printed on the clay coated pages, make this magazine uniquely suited for this process.

  • Citra Solv Concentrated Cleaner – must be the concentrate!

  • Spray bottle, although you can simply hold a finger over the opening and “shake” the Citra Solv onto the page.

  • Table covering and rubber gloves – this is messy business!


  • Disposable 9 x 13 aluminum pan

  • Cotton swabs, rags or paper towels, stencils, paints,

  • Matte, Workable, spray fixitive

Artists not only discovered how Citra Solv can be used to create mixed media pieces, but they have also created some helpful (and unsolicited) videos and tutorials. The talent of these artists is matched only by their generosity to share their techniques with others. Our sincere thanks to these wonderful contributors!


Videos on Altered Pages:


Cathy Taylor's 5 part video on Altered Paper Options using Citra Solv

Part 1 Altering Papers with Citra Solv,
Part 2 Altered Paper Options
Part 3 Altered Papers Painting Altered Papers
Part 4 Callaging with Altered Papers
Part 5 Matting the Altered Papers


Understanding Blue


Vanessa Spencer for Stampington


Gary Reef


Creating Special Effects On Altered Papers


Creative Projects For Altered Papers