Biobased is Best

Citra Solv Concentrate, Citra Solv Multi Purpose Cleaner, Home Solv Liquid Dish Soap, and Home Solv Laundry Detergent are now USDA Biobased Certified!

What does that mean?

We’ve always said that we’re committed to our customers, the planet & sustainability – and the US gov’t just confirmed it!

The US Department of Agriculture found that Citra Solv Concentrate has 95% biobased content, and Home Solv Liquid Dish Soap, Home Solv Laundry Detergent, and Citra Solv Multi Purpose Spray have 100% biobased content.


What’s a “Biobased product”?

A commercial product that is composed, in whole or significant part, of biological products or renewable domestic agricultural products.

Biobased products add value to renewable agriculture commodities, create jobs in rural communities, and decrease the US reliance on foreign-sourced and non-renewable petroleum.

How does this help consumers?

Choosing biobased products is better for the planet, and knowing that the USDA has verified the products you’re purchasing as “biobased” can help you feel even better about your decision.

The USDA uses independent labs to verify and monitor all biobased amount claims, so you can also feel secure in the accuracy of the biobased amount.

Nature is inexhausibly sustainable if we care for it. It is our universal responsibility to pass a health earth onto future generations.
— Sylvia Dolson