Cruelty Free

Safer for the earth. And every creature in it.

We're definitely people people. But we love our furry friends just as much (okay, maybe even more). So naturally we only make products that are cruelty free. This means we do not conduct any type of animal testing, nor do we condone it. Furthermore, we don't use any animal-based ingredients in any of our products. Additionally, Citra Solv is very happy to support the work and mission of these great organizations:

• PETA—People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
• Leaping Bunny—Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics
• NAVS—The National Anti-Vivisection Society


You may have noticed the PETA logo proudly emblazoned on our packaging. We are also honored to be included in NAVS's Personal Care for People Who Care Guide, PETA's list of cruelty free companies and products and Leaping Bunny's Compassionate Shopping Guide.

To learn more about these and other awesome animal rights organizations click on the links below:

Given our strong stance on animal rights, it's probably no surprise that we're also big supporters of pet rescue and adoption. In fact, our cat, D.C., was adopted from a local Connecticut Humane Society. Over the years, we have made many contributions to the Humane Society of the US, as well as several other pet welfare and rescue organizations around the country. We commend these organizations and everyone involved in them for everything they do to protect animals.

To learn more or become involved with the Humane Society please click the link.