From Our Home to Yours

Refreshing cleaners that work…. naturally. 


For more than 30 years, we’ve proudly been a family run business that has provided our customers with only quality plant based products that we’d use in our own home. Over time, our family has grown, and so has our family of products. We strive to keep things pure and simple in our lives, our business, and our products, so under the guidance of the good folks from American Express and a prominent marketing agency, we’ve united our family of household cleaners under one roof with the brand name Home Solv®.

The products remain the same reliable and plant based cleaners you’ve come to depend on. As always, they contain no dyes, EDTA phosphates or chlorine. We’ve just chosen to make things simpler for our customers by giving them an easy way to identify our products: Home Solv®.

Home Solv products are available in a variety of plant derived fragrances: Valencia Orange, Lavender Bergamot and Lemon Verbena. And for those sensitive to even gentle aromas, we now offer new fragrance-free Free & Clear products. It’s all part of our efforts to offer you exactly what we’d want in our own home: high-quality cleaners that make short work of household chores, have invigorating fragrances, and considerate of the environment.

From our home to yours.
— Steve & Melissa Zeitler