Techniques for Creating

Captivating Citra Art™ Collages

by Eva Macie


Learn award-winning artist Eva Macie's innovative techniques for creating compelling and creative collages. Her new e-book guides you through inspiration to creation to presentation. A must for all artsy collage artists, from newbies to pros.

  • 26 colleges deconstructed with step-by-step instructions

  • "Show it Off" presentation ideas

  • Canvas mounting and framing instructions

  • Fabulous finishes for added impact

  • Free templates and images

  • Innovative transfer techniques

  • "Intuitive Composition" inspiration

How I Create Citra Solv® Contemporary Collages as well as Eva's two previous eBooks, "Mix It Up" and "Dissolve It...Resolve, can be found at or at her Creative Nudge shop,