Our Story

The Citra Solv Story (naturally, we'll keep it clean)

Back in the day, when you needed something really clean you pulled out a bottle full of so many chemicals it could give the periodic table a run for its money. But heck, it got the gunk off the floors, windows and walls, so really how bad could it be?


In those days, Steve worked with commercial cleaning companies so he quickly learned how to properly clean high traffic spaces. But what he also learned—thanks to Right to Know Laws—was the effect all those cleaning chemicals could have on the workers.

At that point Steve did what any rational-thinking man does when confronted with a problem: he consulted his wife. Together, Steve and Melissa came up with the idea for a natural, environmentally safe cleaner—but one that worked as well as those harmful, toxic ones. Citra Solv was born and immediately put to use as a commercial cleaner. But once Steve and Melissa started a family they began asking the type of questions parents inevitably do: “Why aren’t there any environmentally safe household cleaners?” The next step was obvious—bring Citra Solv to the consumer market. And after countless exhaustive days and sleepless nights, they accomplished just that.

Over the past 30 years the line has expanded from the original all-purpose cleaner to the whole line of wonderfully plant based Citra Solv products you know and love today. Through it all, we have continued our dedication to caring about you, your family and the environment we all enjoy.

Happy cleaning, Steve & Melissa

Be assured that our individual actions, collectively, make a huge difference.
Jane Goodall