Rustle the Leaf

We can all learn a lot from a talking leaf.


What better way to get an environmentally friendly message across to children (and let's face it, adults), than with a comic strip? Rustle The Leaf provides engaging, thought-provoking, conversation-starting information about the challenges facing our environment and our society, all from the perspective of Rustle the Leaf and his friends. It is meant to support and inspire those people who are already concerned with environmental issues as well as to educate those who aren't. We are proud to sponsor this wonderful Environmental Educational Outreach Program.


In addition to the comic strips, Rustle the Leaf offers wonderful lesson plans that focus on Earth Science and Environmental subjects for school children ages K–12. All of this content is available free of charge to individuals, schoolteachers and non-profit groups.

We encourage you to visit (and share) Rustle The Leaf: