Scents that Make Sense

The essential truth: Great smells come from great ingredients.

From the desk of Melissa

Nothing pleases me more than hearing from customers about how much they love our products. Early on, we regularly heard stories of Citra Solv coming to the rescue when no other cleaner would work. But just as often we heard about how Citra Solv users loved the way their homes smelled when using it.


“I feel like I’m coming home to an orange grove!” – Kelly, St. Louis, MO

Well, there’s a reason for this amazing smell: Citra Solv’s natural fragrance comes from the oils extracted from the peel of an orange. Comments from our customers really made me realize just how important essential oils are to fragrance—and what a critical role they play in the smell of a home. With this heightened awareness of how fragrances made with essential oils smelled better naturally, I began to realize that when I walked into a store carrying candles or room sprays made with synthetic perfumes I would instantly get a headache.

Not surprisingly, developing our line of Air Scense Air Refresheners—made with real essential oils—became our next undertaking. Down the road, choosing essential oils with aroma-therapeutic properties was instrumental in the development of our Home Solv line of cleaners as well.

Armed with a real understanding of fragrance and a full line of cleaners to work with, it wasn’t long before we decided to add multiple scents to our Citra Solv line—this time adding a bit of a “twist” to the much loved Valencia Orange. Lemon Verbena and Lavender Bergamot joined the team. Even though I have smelled these scents over and over, I still get a big smile on my face every time I decide to switch it up at the sink!

No doubt you can see a pattern here: scents derived from essential oils and plant extractives are an essential part of our process. We love our scents and are glad you do, too.

– Steve & Melissa

One Touch of nature makes the whole world kin.
— William Shakespeare